The 4 Best Crochet Hooks For a Budget

By Madeline Farquharson

When you first start to crochet, you usually start with a basic crochet hook (or set) that costs the least because you’re not sure whether or not this craft will last. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a teacher or family member that gives you a good hook and ushers you into this new hobby. Most of us don’t have that luxury.

This means that it usually takes some time to figure out what are the best crochet hooks. It’s also a really personal preference, as most people prefer one hook over the other because of how it fits in the hand. Never mind when you add the way the yarn slides over the hook (or doesn’t, in some cases).

As a crafter who often surrounds herself with other crafters, I’ve heard leagues of woes about hooks just not being the right feel or the right size and causing problems or even pain as a result. One crafter even sawed a hook in half to help her with amigurumi work (a genre of crochet notorious for hand pain).

Great Budget Hooks For Beginners

Take a look at some of the best crochet hooks for a budget below!

Hobby Lobby’s Ergonomic Crochet Hook

Price: $3.49 USD (each)

Pros: Grip is really comfortable and the yarn slides nicely up and down the hook. It's an affordable price point for an entry-level crocheter.

Cons: After some use, the number will rub off the handle, so make sure you know which color is which size!

Yarnology Luxury Crochet Hook

Price: $2.99 USD (each)

Pros: Unibody plastic, so yarn glides easily without fear of pulling the hook apart.

Cons: It’s plastic, which isn’t my favorite material to use. While it’s not flimsy, it’s definitely not super durable.

Pony's Easy Grip Crochet Hook Set

Price: $17.48 (9 hooks)

Pros: The metal on these is amazing, almost silky. The grip is really comfortable but not too bulky.

Cons: From the top of hook to base (where the grip starts) is not a lot of space, so it’s not ideal for projects where you need a lot of the hook to gather your yarn (like with jasmine stitch).

THN Designer Interchangeable Hook Set

Price: $39.99 (6 hooks, 2 handles)

Pros: Compact pouch. Easy to change from size to size. Ergonomic shape. Supporting another crochet designing in purchasing it!

Cons: It’s a bit expensive if you’re only willing to invest in cheap hooks (but you also have to take into consideration that this isn’t one hook, it’s 6).

Luxury Hooks For Next Level Crochet

When you’re ready to take the leap into more luxury crochet hooks, I’d really recommend going handmade! There are some amazing hook artists out there including handcarvedhooks and knitbrooks who both create hooks that are so gorgeous I cry a little when I open my Instagram to their feeds.

If you have any recommendations or need some help finding the right hook, feel free to DM me on Instagram! There are loads of crochet hook brands out there, and it’s all about finding the right fit.