6 Must-Have Crochet Books for Every Maker

By Madeline Farquharson

Perhaps I’ll always focus too much on the novel, but this list of my favorite crochet books is sure to add a little variety to my book lists. Below are 6 titles that have completely changed my crochet life in one way or another, and I’d recommend adding each one to your reference library for various reasons.

Round And Round The Crochet Hook

Patterns to Inspire and Admire

Non Fiction

By Emily Littlefair

Long Story Short

This will be a perfect match if you’re a color, mandala, and crochet-in-the-round lover. Emily does a fabulous job of bringing together the most beautiful motifs and colors in this crochet collection.

Long Story

I’ve been an admirer of Emily for some time, mostly through her Instagram @theloopystitch. She has fabulous, informative, and free patterns on her website and so when the time came, I looked to her for my first mandala wall hanging. I loved the pattern so much I immediately went to buy her book. And boy am I glad that I did!

Emily’s beautiful selection of patterns includes mandalas, shoulder bags, table runners, wall hangings, garlands, cushions, and more. She has a natural talent with color and each pattern reflects this gift. This is a great asset to your crochet library if you’re looking to explore more with color and decorative work.

Modern Crochet

Patterns & Designs for the Minimalist Maker

Non Fiction

By Debrosse

Long Story Short

If you’re alive and on Instagram, you’ll know that crochet extraordinaire under the handle Debrosse has released the most incredible book on modern crochet. Patterns come with an explanation, clear instructions, beautiful images, and video tutorials as well for difficult bits.

Long Story

Sometimes I look at the Debrosse Instagram feed and I want her life, decor, talent, etc. She just has such an incredible execution of minimalist crochet (and knitting, actually). There are few people who can truly deliver minimalism without being annoying, and Teresa’s clean and elegant brand lands perfectly.

This collection of patterns is for the modern maker. Each design is functional, beautiful, and perfect for yourself or a gift. It spans across wearable work, home decor, and functional crafting, making its application incredibly diverse. Anyone who has this book will find themselves pulling it out for all occasions.

I think a major reason I love this book so much is also because of the person behind it. I don’t know Teresa (T) personally, but she’s only ever come across as humble and kind, two characteristics that are difficult to find in the depths of social media. When you buy her book, you’re directly supporting a human who brings joy to thousands of feed and crafters around the world. That’s some powerful stuff.

Crochet Every Way Stitch Dictionary

Non Fiction

By Dora Ohrenstein

Long Story Short

This stitch dictionary is an absolutely essential addition to your library. Full stop. It’s the perfect companion for anyone looking to expand their skills in crochet as a craft or in pattern design.

Long Story

I bought this book because it was recommended as an excellent resource for anyone who wanted to learn to design patterns for crochet. The forward section which explains everything you need to know about crochet and how to use the book is incredibly helpful for new designers all the way to seasoned makers.

This book is the full package. Not only does it contain information on over 125 stitches, but it shows you how to manipulate those stitches in your designs. It includes instructions on how to shape in that stitch, make increases or decreases, in addition to how the stitch itself actually works. There are also charts and detailed pictures so that you can fully understand and visualize each example.

I cannot express how useful this book is for all kinds of crocheters. I have used it multiple times not just for my designs but to improve my skills within my craft, and I’m so grateful that it exists!

The Ultimate Granny Square Sourcebook

100 Contemporary Motifs to Mix and Match

Non Fiction

By Meteoor Books

Long Story Short

Aesthetically pleasing in both layout and content, this sourcebook is great for more modern granny square options. The squares are from a variety of sources as they were all selected for inclusion during a contest, making the collection diverse and engaging.

Long Story

Granny squares are a beloved form of crochet for most makers. That’s probably why there are so many granny square pattern books out there. The reason I love this one so much (aside from the fact that it was a gift from my partner) is that when it says contemporary patterns, it really means it. I often find that granny square books get dated quite quickly, but these options are fresh and exciting. From animal blocks to gorgeous flowers and mandala shapes, it screams modernity, aligning with the current trends in the craft.

Aside from the patterns, the layout and photography in the book are sleek and elegant. Pops of color and a simple format make it quite a lovely book to peruse, which inspires a lot of creativity for me, personally. There’s even a color chart in the front so that you can see the variety of hues used and make your own creative choices. I’d definitely recommend this book for someone who loves granny squares but is tired of the same old pattern.

200 Crochet Blocks For Blankets, Throws And Afghans

Crochet Squares to Mix and Match

Non Fiction

By Jan Eaton

Long Story Short

If you’re gearing up to make an afghan or blanket, this is a great asset for you. Full of creative blocks that you can pair together, you’ll be bursting at the seams with all of the creative possibilities!

Long Story

One of my favorite parts of this book is how user-friendly it is for mixing and matching squares. There’s an entire section at the start dedicated to some sample afghan/throw patterns using different squares. And on top of that, each square pattern page has a section at the bottom that tells you which other blocks will pair well with it.

For those of us who read mostly US patterns, I must warn you that this one uses UK terms. It’s not too difficult to adjust to once you’ve got it in your mind that a treble is a double and so on, but it’s important to note.

Beyond The Square

Crochet Motifs, Circles, Hexagons, Triangles, Squares, and Other Unexpected Shapes

Non Fiction

By Edie Eckman

Long Story Short

If you’re an outlier and you like a crazy pattern, this is a great book for you. Full of alternatively shaped motifs, it’s an asset for anyone looking to add some flair to their projects or designs.

Long Story

I turn to this book for strange reasons. Sometimes it’s for appliques, other times for garlands. Never the same reason. But it’s always helpful.

That’s because this book is great for outlier motifs. So many books like to live in the land of the square, but this one is perfect for the other shapes in between. Ranging from simple to complex motifs, there’s something for everyone in the 144 patterns contained in its pages.

Each pattern is divided into a section that reflects its basic shape, so you can leaf around the general area you’re looking for and decide from there. The patterns are easy to read and come with written instructions as well as charts. There’s even a section in the back that helps with arranging and attaching different motifs (one of the more annoying parts of the process).

While the book isn’t necessarily something I go to daily, it always helps me when I use it, and I rely on its concepts to inspire the gift and projects I work on.

If you have any crochet books that have come in clutch during your designing or making processes, please let me know on Instagram! I find that buying crochet books is a great way to not only improve your skills but also to support the people who work hard to elevate the craft and spread their knowledge.